BROAD CITY Ruined An Entire Generation Of Women | SURVIVING - POD AWFUL PODCAST I29

Playlist: STAND UPS: Please Sit Down (Heckling Comedians)

ILANA GLAZER: The Planet Is Burning is a stand up special available on Amazon Prime from comedian Ilana Glazer of Broad City fame. It's TERRIBLE. An entire hour of woke scold nonsense, and not a single joke. Jesse has long theorized that Ilana's show has melted women's dog brains into mush, but kept quiet about it because he knows her in real life. After seeing a commercial for this abysmal special, the silence has to be broken. Now he is inflicting it upon his audience to make them understand what turns a woman's mind into goo. How long can they SURVIVE? And what is Ilana's terrible secret that only Jesse knows?


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