#RIP Kenan Jerome Floyd: STAND-UP To Racism - POD AWFUL PODCAST I64

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My old room mate, "comedian" Kenan Jerome Floyd, tried to get me added to a list of racist comedians. Like a lot of clout-chasing comedians now, he considers himself a bit of an activist ever since his uncle George Floyd died and this #BLM thing started really POPPIN' OFF. Now that I am on GaS Digital, I was checking out some of the other shows and found Godfrey's podcast. Turns out Kenan was a guest on it, and it was one of the strangest podcasts I have ever seen. We check out Kenan's pathetic appearance, his new podcast "Light Skinned Perspective," and his attempts to get gigs online. PLUS: Tim Dillon bought followers, Redbar invented trolling, and Dante the Comedian is now a civil rights activist, fighting the Secret Service, and adding himself to Wikipedia.