Refund Policy

NO REFUNDS. You must cancel your own account, BEFORE your renewal date, in order to avoid further charges. Canceling the same day or after will result in a charge, and no refund will be provided. Your subscription is to a monthly (or 6-month) service that provides an archive of content that is routinely being updated. There are no guarantees that access to content in your current plan will remain throughout your subscription, and can be changed at any time for any reason, often out of the control of Pod Awful or Jesse P-S himself. We will try our best to maintain a HUGE archive for your money, but there are some circumstances out of our control. There is usually new content posted every week, but not to every level. Your subscription guarantees you access to the archives, but not necessarily new or live shows. Sharing content is against the rules and grounds for automatic account termination and a permanent, DOUBLE LIFETIME ban, with no refunds, and potential charges for each person content has been shared with. Just don't do it! Be cool!!!!! (You can obviously share with your family, but your roommate has to buy his own. He is a freeloader anyway and it is time to kick him out.) If you have any serious issues with your account, anything at all, any questions, or need me to reconsider any of these policies due to some sort of extreme circumstance, you can email me at

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so by clicking here.

I'm just a guy. I'm reasonable. Tryin' my best here.