Playlist: STAND UPS: Please Sit Down (Heckling Comedians)
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Mersh from Nightwave Radio and Revenge Of The Cis loves bragging to the "spergs" in his chat that he is a real comedian. He's opened for Doug Stanhope. He's worked with Luis J. Gomez. He's stolen all his jokes from Jim Norton. Now we have the proof! Mersh's ten-year-old comedy album, KILLJOY, has been unearthed by the Pod Awful Cult, and we are celebrating with a full listening party! Every gory detail, every petty lie, every bombed joke will be covered! Including such amazing tracks as "Mersh Has No Car," "A Bad Year," and, my personal favorite, "F*G MAGNET." PLUS: Two amazing musical numbers. One is some crappy rock track Mersh tacked onto the end of his album, and the other is the next amazing parody song in the Pod Awful canon, "Grifting Queen." They say if you gaze cross-eyed into the abyss, the abyss will cross its eyes back.