BILLIE EILISH is a MAN. DICK MASTERSON is a WOMAN. BILL AND MELINDA GATES are INVERSE-GENDER PEDOPHILE VAMPIRES. All of this is true according to the Youtube TRANSVESTIGATION community, a collective dedicated to uncovering the Satanic plot of the TRANS AGENDA. Every single celebrity on Earth is secretly trans, and all you have to do to see the truth is open your eyes. We learn the skills of a privates-investigator from JLynn VlogZ, a former crack baby and current lunatic. With our newfound abilities, we discover that Dick Masterson (AKA Dax Herrera) was actually born a female, and look into Goon couple Brandon Marshall Havener and Rebecca Ives Rubin (AKA The Spiritual Smartass and Amy Tumor) to see what they are trying to hide. Also, Jesse goes out on the streets to transvestigate every day people.

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