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Dick Masterson from The Dick Show podcast has turned into the thing he hates, a certified, Grade F LOLCOW. He's been exposed as a polyamorous cuck, a sniveling simp, and a balding transgender science experiment. As if the embarrassment from all of that wasn't enough, Dick has gone and topped himself in the GOON department. He 3D printed a doll of himself that we created to make fun of him. I've invented a new way to troll content creators, and it's called "HATE ART." It's a lot like fan art, only much less flattering to the egomaniacs who proudly display it. Now Dick is in a bind, because he will never again know if the next drawing he gets of his over-inflated head is an actual fan, or a FAN OF HATE. What's worse is, each piece of Hate Art contains a little Easter Egg inside it, including the 3D model he now has sitting on his desk at home... PLUS: more text leaks from Dick's former poly-partner, Jamie Lynn Hughes, who confirms Pod Awful was TELLING THE TRUTH about something MAJOR. This episode is NOT SAFE FOR WOMEN. (Unless you are a parody-woman.)