"An Incest Situation" with Chewie and Naomi

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Chewie met an upstanding young woman and hooker named Naomi on Facebook dating. Turns out Naomi doesn't really have a great place to live right now and would like to come live with Chewie.

In order to best woo Naomi, Jesse helps Chewie with his best Cyrano de Bergerac routine, and gives him all the best pickup lines. Pretty soon, Naomi is so head over heels she's literally cartwheeling around the room. Unfortunately, Chewie's autism gets the best of him, and he keeps trying to spin this blossoming new relationship into an "incest situation" when he discovers Naomi has some hot sisters.

Will Naomi make it to Chewie's house? Will she bring her sisters? Will she ever figure out that for the last third of this she's not even actually talking to Chewie? Only one way to find out!