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A FOOD MYSTERY: MERSH promised to be "ripped by August" about, oh, two Augusts ago. Unbeknownst to him, he's been in a weight loss battle with Jesse ever since. It took over a year, but Jesse is finally --almost-- as fat as Mersh, and is now in the actual "losing weight" portion of the contest. Well now Mersh is mad because Jesse has been using underhanded tactics to win. For over a year the Pod Awful Cult has been sending Mersh coleslaw, pizzas, and pickles to keep him fat. Well now DETECTIVE MERSH is calling his cop and lawyer buddies and is threatening to start the next LOLSUIT with the help of Alex Stein! Can a lawsuit stop the deliveries, or will Mersh shoot himself in the foot enforcement style? TINK TINK TINK.

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Pod Awful Is an anti-podcast hosted by Jesse P-S