Alex Stein's KID SISTER Girlfriend - POD AWFUL PODCAST DF54

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Alex Stein denied having an affair with Marjorie Taylor Greene, and claimed I fabricated evidence of him admitting to the rendezvous. Now I know why! There is a phenomenon with podcasters and streamers I have been noticing for a long time now. They all go for MUCH younger, blonde, baby-faced, LOLI-STYLE girls that they then bring on to their podcast to annoy their audience. A "Jules," if you will. This phenomenon is known as a KID SISTER. Alex Stein now has his own Kid Sister girlfriend, Paige Wallace. And over on his backup, backup channel, he's now forcing her at GUNT-POINT to do a podcast with him. Alex LIES about his "Early Life Check," RUNS from the truth about MTG, and PARADES his little Ghost Girlfriend for his viewers. PLUS: Ruphio Pheonix is exposed by Project Veritas, and Kid Sister tells the story of how her grandpa became a taco.









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