RuphiLeaks Episode 6: WAND UP HIS ASS (Part 2)

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PART 2: The Grand Conclusion to the Buried Alive Saga! Ruphio Pheonix's EMBARRASSING texts continue as Wanda is harassed, abused, and buried! Then a turn NOBODY could have seen coming happens. After Wanda is buried alive, Ruphio figures out he was getting played... but decides to stay with Wanda anyway! Watch as Wanda reveals her real name, TRANSforms into a new girlfriend, shares her REAL sexy photos with Ruphio, and receives even more disturbing messages from the KING of the Gaming Incels.

PLUS: The show kicks off with Ruphio LIVE on the stream, talking to the Pod Awful Cult, playing video games, and revealing that he has a NEW mystery woman living with him! Learn all about Ruphio's new girlfriends, and the origin of the term "corndogging."