RuphiLeaks Episode 6: WAND UP HIS ASS (Part 1)

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PART1: The Grand Conclusion to the Buried Alive Saga! Ruphio Pheonix fell in love with a woman named Wanda Pizzazz over the course of one week, and had his life turned upsode down. You've seen him watch live as his new girlfriend is raped, kidnapped, and buried alive. Now see it from Wanda's perspective!

ALL of the texts between Wanda and Ruphio throughout their whole relationship are revealed with the help of 1185! Sexts, shouldery chest pictures, dumper photos, and even more absolutely disgusting details are uncovered. If you thought Ruphio's prediliction for "self tasting" was bad, wait until you hear this!

PLUS: Ruphio's big Halloween party plans, Pod Awful's Halloween HEIST, the ORIGINAL 1185 spilling the embarrassing details of Ruphio's big night, and more!