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I'm secretly a bit of a feeder. Mersh from Nightwave Radio claimed he'd stop being fat "by August." I made it my life's mission to get just as fat as Mersh, AND lose all that weight before he could. Seemed simple enough but now I'm stuck with a few problems. Number one, I am the fattest I have ever been. Number two, I'm STILL not as fat as Mersh. And Number three, Mersh is now claiming to have already lost 30 lbs, which is as much as I have gained! I've resorted to cheating. I've been feeding Mersh coleslaw and pizza to try to offset things, but it's not enough. Time to call in the BIG GUNS of deliveries. I have delivered to Mersh, ONE ACTUAL TON OF CONCRETE. Now he's gotta lose 2000 lbs by August, and I've got to gain it. We hit a few snags though with our cement delivery, and who better to fix things than the newest initiate to the Freemasons, Mini Manson?