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Gazi Kodzo, AKA "BLACK HITLER," has started an amazing organization for colonized people called BLACK HAMMER, in order to solve racism. They are PRO-segregation, ANTI-Antifa, and for some reason hate Anne Frank. So, pretty cool guys. Their most ambitious project to date is HAMMER CITY, a city where whitey isn\'t allowed, to give land back to the people of colonization. Rent free, Rona free, and Mayo free, Hammer City will be a utopia for black, brown, and indigenous people located conveniently 10,000 feet up a mountain in Colorado on completely infertile land. Twitter has been clowning Gazi for the barren wasteland they successfully crodfunded, but Gazi responds with a clown act of his own! These communist LARPers are directionless, feckless, and doomed without a dictator to tell them what to do. Luckily, Pod Awful is here to #COLONIZEBLACKHAMMER!