The Earth's Jokers: DADDY'S DAY 9 - POD AWFUL PODCAST I140

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HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Disappointing dads everywhere are kids buying Heath Ledger Halloween costumes, and posting themselves doing terrible impressions of their disturbed hero online. But where do the Earth's Jokers come from? Well after a bit of research the answer came to me, and it was obvious all along. Where does anyone on the internet use pop culture as a crutch for a personality? You guessed it, Reddit! We dive deep into r/Joker to discover the madness. The Joker is a fatherless-figure to these children of the hollow generation, and there is no better example than the SANTA CRUZ JOKER. His dad was a Nazi meth-addict who took a bat-dive into a shallow pool early on, and it's made poor Harlan see his father in every hater. PLUS: I call my dad and "come out" as a Joker to him.