Special Delivery For Kays Cooking: HAPPY KAYSGIVING! 2020

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Kay and Lee from KAYS COOKING have gotten a strike on the Pod Awful channel all because I made fun of Kay for being the world's WORST CHEF. That's no good way to start off KAYSGIVING, especially when there's an ultimatum hanging over Kay's head! I wanted to do something nice for Kay for the holiday, and I've been trying to hook her up with Mr. Burgers, so my special agent, 1185, delivered a package of burgers to Kay's house. Lee didn't take too kindly to this and vlogged the whole thing, along with security camera footage! We go over what I'm thankful for this year, including Drew W. Shield's sad Thanksgiving, Mr. Spergers eating tacos, Youtube's love of child predators (THANKS!), and wrap it all up by releasing the ENTIRETY OF THE KAYLEAKS FOR FREE. Plus, we enjoy a delicious Soup.

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