Harley Cheats On Joker - THE WEEKLY SACRIFICE

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Ruphileaks has ruined my sleep schedule/ TECH TALK/ Verbally destroying a poor African single mother/ Tova gives her ASLRDS, reveals she is an Earth's Joker/ Whang is a Joker and is secretly poor/ Erkwit gives his ASLRDS/ Fisher gives his ALRDS, reveals he is a brony/ Chewie looks like Cab Calloway/ Fake Mr. Burgers leaves The Dick Show/ Mersh is FIENDING for bones/ Drew W Shield has invisible dragon scales/ Tova cheated on her boyfriend/ Santa Cruz Joker talks buttholes/ Katie talks about her huge tits/ WE ENTER THE LOOP/ A man beats himself with a book/ Charles Howell sings about bestiality, Warpig69 sings Daddy's Home