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Mersh from Nightwave Radio has a certain effect on his audience. He tricks them into this bizarre loyalty club where they are compelled to white knight and simp for him whenever he gets bullied online. I assume its because every Nightwave listener has their own mini-Nightwave show they are trying to sell to the Revenge Of The Cis audience. One of these monotone, e-begging charlatans is named Davey Crocko, and until he came riding in on his shining steed to defend the honor of QUEEN MERSH on Twitter, I had no clue who he was. Now I can't stop studying him and his Pillsbury-can-of-biscuits-shaped head. We dive into THE MERSH EFFECT, what it means to be part of Mersh's camgirl Simpulator fan group, watch Crocko nod off to his own boring streams while possibly strung out on heroin, and get an update on the Wayfair Child Trafficking conspiracy theory. I gave Wayfair a call, and now I have absolute proof that they have a SPECIAL CLUB for the guys who spend THE BIG BUCKS.

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