CLOWN SYNDROME: The Story Of The Santa Cruz Joker - POD AWFUL PODCAST I34

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The Santa Cruz Joker, aka Harlan Absher, has been exposed for many things: going to jail, his dad being a Nazi, racist and homophobic rants, lying, and being a rapist. He is also the NEW Mr. Burgers. With all of this, how much more can be exposed? Well, we find out from Harlan's BEST FRIENDS, Samuel Battle (aka DRIFTWOOD) and Michael (aka IGGLYBUFF). Driftwood and Harlan got in a fight and now Harlan is threatening Driftwood's life, so in this phone call interview, The Joker's friends tell all, including the night of the attempted rape (and other roofie incidents!), how fat Harlan is, whether he really has a job or not, and much, MUCH more!