THE PEDO FILES 11: Paranormal Investigation - POD AWFUL PODCAST I90

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My listeners were concerned after my appearance on the podcast "Talking With Teddy" that the host Ted Van Son seemed a little TOO interested in his underage guest, Joseph. I decided to do some investigating. I discovered that not only is Teddy a ghost hunter, who has appeared on TV shows like Paranormal Survivor, but he is also extremely into the "PARANORMAL" lifestyle. He has a tattoo of the PARANORMAL flag on his arm. He has PARANORMAL meetups with "bears" at his local bar. He marches in the PARANORMAL Pride Parade. He's even friends with a guy who dresses up as a Sasquatch and gives out free hugs. I don't know for sure that there is any predatory behavior going on, but this investigation uncovers some pretty SCARY results.