GAMESTOPPED: Runnin' With Rifles RELOADED With Ruphio & Fist

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THE #1 GAMER PODCAST ON THE INTERNET. Your hosts, Top Gamer Ruphio Pheonix and hard-hitting game journalist Fist, bring you the video game news and talk you want to hear. This episode: Ruphio gives legal financial advice on the stock market as he and Fist discuss the crazy debacle happening right now with Gamestop, Robinhood, and Wallstreetbets on reddit. The boys do a little Femme Bashing on Ellen turned Elliot Page. In the Straight Talk segment, a special surprise GUEST joins in, and Ruphio talks about how to get, and KEEP, a GAMER GIRL. The Pheonix ALPHA FLEXES on interracial dating, while Fist celebrates his new chocolate-vanilla swirl. And the moment every gamer has been waiting for. A CHALLENGER APPROACHES! Ruphio is challenged to a 1v1 match of Call Of Duty by a listener of the podcast. Ruphio decides to do some HANDICAPPED GAMING versus his rival as they play for the HEART OF RUPHIO'S GIRLFRIEND, LILAH! Who will win? Who will ragequit? Who will accuse whom of camping on the smallest map in Call Of Duty?